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Omni Channel Marketing Platform for AdTech Company

An ecommerce retailer with $2B Revenue is trying to compete with a fast growing market leader that was outspending 4 to 1 for customer acquisition. This competitor has significantly higher LTV for their customers with also a higher frequency of purchase and average order value. They did not have a growth marketing department and it is a very new concept for them. Organization did not understand the concept of growth marketing, which typically operates across all marketing channels. Growth marketing is also required to collaborate with other departments within the organization such as operations, sales and customer experience call center.


Because of a siloed organization structure there was significant internal resistance to collaborate effectively. Disruption can be costly. While leadership intended to do the right thing, they had a tough time acting on the change required within the organization.

  1. Improve CLTV (customer lifetime value) by increasing average order value or decreasing time interval between purchases.
  2. Create an organization for growth marketing without disrupting current marketing operations.

  1. Develop a proof of concept for a specific customer journey and test the campaign. Measure and report on target KPI
  2. Optimize the POC with additional cross-channel functionality by including all customer touch points.
  3. Incrementally test additional customer journeys till core functionality that is required to transition the entire marketing budget is developed.

  1. Developed a cross channel campaign that included PPC, SEO, Email, Facebook, Instagram.
  2. In less than 2 months we developed a complete orchestration layer that processed customer interactions and moved the customer journey along.
  3. Later added call center to the mix in the process of the agile growth marketing process.
  4. We built a team consisting of experts from the siloed organization to avoid any resistance from leadership. This worked very well to reduce the learning curve. The team was able to execute rapidly.

  1. AOV increased by 10% and time between first and second purchase reduced by over 5%
  2. These 2 factors contributed to a forecasted CLTV increase of over 20%
  3. We have created company wide roles and responsibilities that clearly indicated the function of each actor within the organization. This model helped scale the operations.