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Excellent customer service is critical for any business discussion, and the most successful firms are making sure to keep their customers at the center of their strategic plans. They do this by relying on data, agile methodologies and the willingness to learn from mistakes to improve. LSS helps you create a structured process and team with your company’s individual needs in mind. We’ll help you design a plan that works for your industry and company, keeping your future in mind.

If a company’s goals are to get even more out of their clientele, they need to focus on their consumers’ happiness. They should show that they put it at the top of their priorities, give them special attention, and propose solutions that are best for their consumers in terms of convenience and effectiveness.

It’s not enough to use conventional marketing and sales methods. You need to implement a completely new paradigm for success these days. How about integrating and unifying your marketing and sales efforts? As a result of our in-depth understanding of customers, we promote innovation, use personalized experiences and are always quick to learn and act.

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With our help, businesses can beef up their human and technological resources that will allow them to become more flexible and take a data-driven approach to their marketing and sales operations. When faced with any problem, it’s important not to give up. Successful businesses always think out of the box and develop innovative solutions. We need to construct a foundation that will help us develop and prosper in the future. This is something we at LSS have plenty of experience with.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

To create value propositions and experiences that resonate with consumers, first, businesses need to figure out who they are, then take their learnings and use them to gain an edge on the competition. Helping customers focus on their critical data is our specialty. This includes pinpointing problem areas, coming up with pricing and promotion ideas and much more.

Digital Sales

Digital Sales

Successful sales in a digital world rely on your ability to achieve the right balance between new technologies and conventional approaches. We can help you improve your sales strategy by understanding how your data and marketing efforts impact sales.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As a result of new digital channels, consumer habits have altered tremendously. We help businesses anticipate and respond to dynamic client expectations through the digital transformation of their marketing operations.

Omnichannel Sales Strategy

Omnichannel Sales Strategy

Customers are always changing how they learn about the company's products! We help our clients be more successful by integrating business intelligence tools, data and analytics that help them drive sales into their marketing campaigns.


LSS’s staff has years of experience building and executing cutting-edge sales and marketing solutions. We help clients market to a larger audience 24×7 by automating current marketing outreach, thus boosting their chances of reaching new clients.

“Higher growth through markerapid growth through data gathering, iteration, analysis, and development of new solutions

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Most businesses see marketing, sales, and pricing as separate tasks. However, LSS makes it easy to figure out which initiatives are working for you and which ones are working against you. Our team evaluates all three functions simultaneously to increase investment efficiency. A great tool is LSS’s Return on Capital Investment measure, which combines all commercial key performance indicators (KPIs) to tell you the aspects that require your full attention and what doesn’t.

One option is to look for new customers in the growing section of your market. If this is not possible, you might have to recoup money by selling off some assets. Monitoring the business closely and seeking out customer feedback would be a good way to gauge which of these two options is better or if there are other solutions.

LSS has created an Account Based Intention (ABI) method for new business acquisition. This strategy is more effective than ABM(account-based marketing) since it uses existing technology such as email marketing and tracking.

This approach enables our clients to quickly reach out to those customers who have shown interest in the service or product they are offering. Our system helps in improving conversions.

Reviews from Clients

Sandeep Suman

Throughout our partnership, Lean Summits prioritize client satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure that expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Working with their team has been an absolute pleasure.

Mark Scott

LeanSummits team's passion and drive are evident in every interaction, and it is clear that they genuinely care about their client's success. Their dedication to understanding their unique needs and tailoring solutions...