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About Us

Lean Summit Solutions collaborates with business leaders to help them address their most pressing business needs and seize most promising business solutions. LSS is the innovator in business strategy and believes in personalized approaches.

Organizations that want to succeed must combine human resources with digital capabilities. It is LSS's blended approach to strategy as a series of executable initiatives that combines management strategy and planning with a clear roadmap to success, that distinguishes the organization. We instigate change through data science, technology, and design that is guided by business objectives. LSS works in close collaboration with every department within your organization to achieve profitable results for all parties.

What we believe in?

Whether you are launching a new business or you are expanding the horizon and limits of your current one. We believe in nurturing your potential through the journey toward success. By providing you with the right tools and guidance.

Our Core Values That Make
Us Professional


Discovering the hidden potential

We produce cutting-edge technology for marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and advertising. We leverage these cutting-edge technologies to help our clients stay one step ahead of their competition.

Problem solver

It is our policy to never leave a problem unsolved. Majority of the time we tackle the problem ourselves, and other times we find a solution for our client that is provided by our partners or third party vendors. Despite this, we always find solutions to the problems our clients are facing.

Leading with integrity

LSS takes great pride in fostering a culture of integrity in everything we do, which begins with being honest and transparent with all of our customers and providing the best possible solutions.

Marketing as a strategic pillar

We approach problem solving from a marketing perspective. We believe in solving a problem from the outside in. Our offerings are centered on marketing solutions and technology enablements for marketing automation.

Grow by Growing others

We are committed to developing team members that are capable of successfully meeting the needs of their clients. As leaders, we grow through the advancement of our peers, clients, and business partners.

Technology as a competitive advantage

We assist our clients in realizing the full potential of their business by evaluating their business model and developing a synergistic growth strategy for their organization, among other services.

Our Difference

We bring extensive industry and functional expertise, as well as a breadth of perspectives, to the table, challenging the status quo and igniting change inside the company. We are motivated by the goal of helping our clients to thrive within their industry while also enabling them to create a better work environment. We do this via a collaborative strategy that is unique to the firm and at all levels of the client organization.


We work with private sector customers in a variety of locations to discover their most valuable opportunities, solve their most pressing problems, and change their businesses.

Some Reasons to Work

We innovate for you

We provide you with new profit growth strategies so you can become a leader in your field. We achieve that through unique, custom-tailored solutions developed just for your business.

We prioritize our client first

All our client needs come first. If there are any urgent business or technical issues our consultants are ready to assist and guide you through.

We never upsell

Our business model is based on your success rather than your budget. LSS’s objective is to grow your business by providing you with the right tools. We do not want to sell you anything that will not generate a return as all of our initiatives are ROI based.

Looking For a Job?

Whether you are a professional or a new graduate, working with LSS may be an exciting and challenging next step in your career.

Our Team

Susmitha Adatrao

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Ravi Adatrao

Marketing Strategist and President

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Polina Fiksson

Product Designer

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Bob Taar

Transportation and Logistics Advisor

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Ankit Shah

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Abhishek Agarwal

SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Strategist

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Manikeshwari Appaji

Director - Operations

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