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Businesses that do not adapt to the dynamic needs of the market cannot survive disruption. We live in an era where customer needs and market dynamics change continuously. Businesses must adapt to these changes even if they dominate their respective markets currently. Three out of four businesses experience failure in their business transformation initiatives. This is primarily due to a lack of a systematic strategy. We at LeanSummits help our customers achieve a smooth business transformation.

It is not simple to increase the efficiency of business operations. The problem has compounded recently due to trade volatility, supply chain disruptions, the phenomenal growth of digital operations and dynamic consumer expectations. A lot of corporate head honchos across a wide range of industries are asking themselves questions like

“What does the future hold in store for my business operations?” 

“How can we become successful in this new environment?”

LeanSummits assists these corporate leaders in taking a data-based approach toward business transformation. Our research suggests that companies that begin the transformation process preemptively when everything is running smoothly are the ones who derive long-term benefits from the exercise.

Key Drivers of Change


The following four growth pillars will determine the growth of your business. While addressing these factors, your team must build a structured plan for growing these pillars. If you fail to follow a plan to grow these pillars, it may result in business failure.

Using technology

Using technology

As a futuristic business, you need to remain in sync with the latest technological developments in your industry. The latest technologies can help you save money. By using technology, you can also complete your work quickly. Technology can help you free up man hours. To leverage the technology, you need to understand the solutions most suited to your use case. When you select technology partners, ensure that they provide a solution aligned with your goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

As a business, you need to attract new customers. In this process, do not forget to focus on customer satisfaction. Always up-sell and cross-sell to your existing customers. Customer loyalty programs, referral programs, personalized offers, and discounts can help you do so.



To become successful, you must ensure that all your employees are aligned with the company's solution. As a leader, you must remove hindrances to your employee's path to achieve your company's potential.

Training and education

Training and education

Continuous learning is a key trait of all successful businesses. All your employees need to have a consistent foundation of knowledge to chart their part of growth. Online training platforms can help you achieve this goal. An online platform can help you disseminate uniform information. It can also help you customize the learning approach for individuals.


Wouldn’t it be nice if all your social media outreach activities were automated? You could then only focus on the leads collected in your database. Our LinkedIn automation system does exactly this. LeanSummits has expertise in providing new technology and services for its clients. We will leverage technology to expand your outreach to your clients and automate their communication process.

“Extensive market research and automation are the two factors that assist us in delivering exponential growth for our clients.”

Use Case


For each industry, specific channels help the business generate new leads. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a huge drop in demand for rental vehicles. The same factor was responsible for an increase in demand for used cars. The rental brokers and carriers had fewer opportunities.

Many of our clients experienced that their core rental business was severely affected. Our clients started looking for alternative revenue streams to survive.

Our expert team of consultants found the most active channel for car dealership groups through extensive market analysis. This channel was LinkedIn. We built a custom automation tool that allowed our clients to automate their outreach activities on LinkedIn. Our client was able to establish long-term relationships with our tool. Our LinkedIn automation tool provided repeat business to our clients.

Reviews from Clients

Sandeep Suman

Throughout our partnership, Lean Summits prioritize client satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure that expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Working with their team has been an absolute pleasure.

Mark Scott

LeanSummits team's passion and drive are evident in every interaction, and it is clear that they genuinely care about their client's success. Their dedication to understanding their unique needs and tailoring solutions...