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What is Growth Marketing?


Numerous sorts of marketers exist across a variety of sectors. They refer to themselves as Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Heads of Marketing—but what exactly is growth marketing?

It’s a customer acquisition, engagement, and retention strategy that is centered on constant experimentation and an obsessive emphasis on your customers’ unique, evolving motivations and preferences. By developing and delivering highly customized, personalized content that is aligned with your consumers’ requirements, you may accelerate your organization’s growth across a variety of channels, particularly those that matter most to your customers. Let’s go further into what it means to be a growth marketer and highlight some typical areas where a growth marketing team can improve the user experience.

We Do Things Differently

How is Growth Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing?


Growth marketing is sometimes referred to as agile marketing or agile growth marketing. A minimum viable marketing strategy, similar to agile product development, is carried out from start to finish with the goal of producing a well-defined return on investment (ROI).

The growth marketing mentality necessitates rapid execution with no obstacles. Once the marketing ROI for the current marketing plan iteration has been validated, it is time to consider a scaled-up version of the existing marketing strategy.

What We Bring to the Table

What constitutes Growth Marketing Function?

Unlike a traditional marketing team, a Growth marketing team is very versatile and possesses deep knowledge in multiple functions.

How Do We Work With You?


Growth Marketing collaborates with Marketing, Product and Services Engineering and Technology team, Finance teams dealing with Profit and Loss, Sales Operations and Management, Data science team responsible for Learning, Insights, and BI reporting, and finally the business leadership team made up of key decision makers such as the COO, CEO/President, CRO, CTO, and CFO.

Benefits of Growth Marketing


Marketing Budget

Because growth marketing iterates smaller quantifiable campaigns when done in an agile manner, the ROI generally compensates for the marketing expenditure. Businesses may be asked to make an upfront resource commitment. Bringing in a marketing team will further decrease resource costs and shift the risk of failure away from the companies.

Business Synergy

Business synergies are much more efficiently achieved since growth marketing needs stakeholders from marketing, sales, operations, strategy, and finance departments to cooperate and execute in a single campaign. Significant reuse of existing assets occurs, and total marketing costs are greatly reduced.

Motivated teams

Because all business functions have a vested interest in the program’s success, team members and executives are highly driven to see it through.

Common objective

Growth marketing is frequently a group objective and goal. KPIs from a specific Growth marketing campaign have OKRs for all departments involved inside the company. This enables the teams to collaborate to achieve an overall business KPI, such as generating revenue in a certain niche market area.

Fast Learning

Marketing is both an art and a science. Growth marketing that is executed in an agile way, also known as agile growth marketing, helps the business to learn more quickly. In the first week of an Agile growth marketing campaign, many activities produce actionable learning.

Skill Requirement

Because there are numerous talents required to execute a nimble marketing approach, a wide range of marketing core competencies might be difficult to employ. You won’t have to worry about marketing abilities when you use our growth marketing services. Your team will bring business knowledge to the table. Our Growth marketing team will become a natural extension of your company, and we will be able to execute the agile marketing plan as a team.


Growth marketing may be used to increase customer acquisition of an existing customer base, acquire new client segments, retain existing customers, optimize value for present customers, enhance vendor acquisition, brand personality campaigns, PR efforts, and so on. This level of adaptability enables Growth marketing to become an universal corporate growth engine.

Company culture

One of the most significant advantages of growth marketing is the transformative influence it has on often stagnant corporate cultures. Collaboration and rapid decision making become second nature to organizations that have an efficient and agile growth marketing strategy in place.

Use Cases

Growth Strategy Low Vision Optometrists

Our client, a group of low vision Optometrists that give patients hope and practical answers when they've been told there's nothing more they can do. This team of low vision physicians is committed to assisting

Omni Channel Marketing Platform for AdTech Company

An ecommerce retailer with $2B Revenue is trying to compete with a fast growing market leader that was outspending 4 to 1 for customer acquisition.

Unified Growth Marketing Platform for International Cargo Shipping Company

International cargo shipping company specializing in shipping RORO, Containers, and other forms of cargo to various parts of the world.