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Growth Strategy Low Vision Optometrists

Our client, a group of low vision Optometrists that give patients hope and practical answers when they’ve been told there’s nothing more they can do. This team of low vision physicians is committed to assisting individuals with vision impairments in living their best lives possible.


They aim to provide improved vision and hope to individuals who are blind or have visual loss due to macular degeneration or other ocular illness. The low vision optometrists assist their patients in maintaining their autonomy, mobility, and safety. They specialize in prescribing hands-free low vision solutions using the most sophisticated optical technology available.

  1. Low vision condition occurs primarily in old age and by the time patients identify this condition, it is often too late.
  2. Sometimes patients need consultation with doctors to identify whether vision impairment is due to low vision conditions such as Macular Degeneration or Glaucoma or some other reason.
  3. It is important for patients to find out all they need to know about low vision, low vision aids, and how to assist a family member who is suffering from Macular Degeneration or other low vision illnesses.
  4. After arming themselves with knowledge, patients need to seek out a Low Vision Specialist in their area.

We discovered that providing patients with localized support is critical. It was necessary to find a low vision specialist right away for consultation and to be able to provide the medical services the patient required. It was equally important to provide access to both family members and patients, because many patients are unable to use the internet to locate doctors and must rely on a family member to help them.
We developed a location based instant low vision specialist access system that provides the patient with the following:

  • Access to a local physician in the area the patient resides. Patients will be able instantly speak with the low vision specialists by directly calling them or filling a request
  • Provided an all all they need to know Low Vision Guide that will help a family member to be well educated to guide their relative who might be suffering with low vision condition or other visual impairment
  • We provided a way for the Doctors to be always available
  • A multi channel marketing engine is developed to power this platform

  • Patients and family members looking for a low vision doctor are able to speak with the physician in less than a minute.
  • If the physician is unavailable at the time of the patient’s call, they can return the call as soon as possible.