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Implementing operational excellence is critical for establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. With rising competition and unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic, it is getting more challenging than ever before to achieve operational excellence. If you want to achieve operational excellence, then don’t worry, as our team of experts at LSS will take care of operations for your business. We are here to assist with all aspects related to operations to make sure that the value of your company is maximized.

Rising supply chain disruptions, trade volatility and the growth of digital operations have made operations management a difficult arena to master. Tensions like war, climate change, and changes in consumer expectations also make it harder to maintain operational excellence. As technology evolves, big changes are happening in how companies do business. Executives in every industry are wondering what the future will look like? And how can they stay ahead of the curve?

We provide deep expertise in operations management across strategic areas such as procurement, service operations, manufacturing, project management and supply chain. Our expertise brings about transformational change to help your business succeed.

Efficiency is not about your people but about your systems


Business leaders are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of their employees. They know that efficient staff brings more profits. Unfortunately, most of the time, they will not look beyond training their employees on efficient productivity techniques like

  • Inbox Zero
  • The Pomodoro technique 
  • Making It Happen 

These are just a few popular productivity techniques used in the industry today.

All these techniques claim to boost your productivity. Understand that these techniques must be part of an efficient system to deliver results.

It may be the case that some people are still struggling with their workload and finding it hard to concentrate on their goals. What’s important is to find a work-life balance and establish what you need to enhance the productivity of your employees.

Our systematic management approach has proven to be effective in managing staff accountability. When you hire LSS to take care of your operations, we insist on doing the following things to improve your systems.

Categorize issues

Categorize issues

Numerous highly productive companies have implemented a system of tiered daily huddles with a well-defined escalation process for all issues. At the onset of each workday, the first huddle consists of meetings between front-line employees and convenes. The tasks are assigned to employees at the bottom of the pyramid. All potential roadblocks are identified early in the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.
You'll need to schedule the time for the second huddle and have supervisors present at it. The duration between the first and second huddle is 30 minutes. Afterward, managers will meet for 30 minutes, followed by top management like directors, vice presidents and executive team members. Wherever possible, issues are resolved at the most basic level. If this doesn't work, your issue will be escalated to the next level.
This helps you create a more centralized line of communication between the C-suite executives and the front-line employees. It also dismantles any need to send unnecessary emails as all decisions can be made centrally. The major benefit of this method is that it drives productivity by removing any internal bureaucracy.

Tracking work

Tracking work

Tracking work in the modern office setting can prove to be a challenging task. This is because the majority of work is done inside the mind of people. This is why it is almost impossible to determine what individuals are working on. This means that you will know too late if your employees are overburdened.

LSS installs visual task boards like Airtable, Trello or Asana in workspaces to make things easy. These task boards have cards that represent each task and clearly show who is responsible for each task. This helps employees and employers track their work easily, taking the clutter out of the equation. A major benefit of visual boards is that they help you avoid numerous status check emails and counterproductive meetings.

LSS worked with a medical research lab that implemented such a visual board system in its organization. The firm experienced improved efficiency in its work due to the system.

Aligning responsibility

Aligning responsibility

At LSS, we strongly believe that if you assign responsibility to an individual, then that person should be given enough power to make decisions. There is no point in entangling the person in a counterproductive loop of meetings and emails.

A Lattice management structure is a great way to delegate responsibility. We encourage businesses to allow their employees to take low-risk decisions on their own without needing to take too many permissions. Only high-risk decisions should require stringent approvals from higher authorities.

LSS implements the same organizational culture that it propagates. We have built a process-based organization that can overcome any hurdle thrown in its way.

Integrating new technologies

Integrating new technologies

We at LSS constantly keep technological innovation at the forefront to help our clients succeed in their business. We leverage technology to increase operational efficiency in your business.

Technology can help you gain more customers, increase customer satisfaction rate, and reduce employee turnover. At LSS, our experts will help you choose the best technologies according to your specific use cases. We will help you remove the inefficiencies in your systems by using technology.


LSS has extensive experience developing new systems and tools for its clients. One example of that would be tools developed to avoid duplication – for example, utilizing technologies to reduce lead time for entering order information and assigning it. 

Achieving operational efficiencies via the use of new technologies and systems in order to retain a competitive edge.

Use Case


This is especially effective when each log has a unique attribute and requires manual labour to match the order with an appropriate vendor. Consider the auto transportation business, where brokers are required to connect their customers with particular carriers.

This process is lengthy and may take longer than usual depending on the routes for which orders are received. Additionally, there may be instances where drivers cancel orders unexpectedly, leaving the broker with an unfilled order and delaying the promised delivery time.

Resulting in dissatisfied customers. In this context, LSS developed a mass reach out solution to all carriers based on their served routes, which were obtained from the brokers’ database. This facilitated the assignment and fulfillment of new orders as well as cancelled ones, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. These technologies offer all of the essential instruments for operational efficiency, which entails producing at the same level with less resources.

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