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Unified Growth Marketing Platform for International Cargo Shipping Company

This international cargo shipping company specializes in shipping RORO (vehicles that can be moved on wheels), Containers, high heavy equipment and other forms of cargo to various parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Latin America and Middle Eastern countries. Most of the sales have come through word of mouth and their brand reputation is very good. Their customers are retained over several years because of the highest quality of service. This company is looking to grow with digital marketing.


Outbound sales has not been their biggest strength and inbound new customer lead generation has been non-existent. While they had decent social media presence, they lacked a holistic and unified digital marketing approach.


The company has plans to grow their services into new countries. This was one of the main initiatives they would like to drive with the digital transformation initiative.

Because of highly efficient operational efficiencies within the organization, growth becomes a challenge with the current manpower

Competing firms have a significant lead with digital marketing and that they have to play catchup.

  1. Build their digital presence by developing their web presence and marketing automation.
  2. Develop much needed automation integrating sales, logistics and accounting.
  3. Increase acquisition rate of new customers through a multitude of cross channel marketing strategies.

Developed an industry leading website that communicated market leadership. This website is developed using inbound marketing techniques and enriched with a sophisticated marketing automation platform.

The company CRM and TMS are integrated throughout the customer life cycle to get the benefits of automation. This approach laid a solid platform for continuous integration and scaled operations. The platform helps with both internal growth related integrations and automation as well as partner integrations, thus reducing manual resources.

  1. Launched ABM marketing with a unified marketing platform utilizing multiple channels at various stages of the pipeline. The automation helped a single sales agent to process and convert 1000s of leads, spending just a few hours per day.
  2. Customers can now get quotes, book orders and track their shipments right from their desktop or mobile device. This helped reduce several support calls, saving significant operations time. They can now repurpose this time for new sales and issues that matter to improve customer service.
  3. The website has cutting edge SEO (search engine optimization) implemented that is going to result in organic traffic and customer acquisition.
  4. The backend marketing platform enabled marketing communication to close the deal as well as logistics and operations management.
  5. Company ORM has been significantly improved with positive customer feedback providing a nice lift to their brand.