12 Best AI Content Generator Tools to Save Your Time

AI content generator tools

The buzz around AI content generator tools is catching up. Despite the increasing hype surrounding them, you might be hesitant to use them. The concern about the quality of AI-generated content and whether it aligns with your desired style and tone is real. 

To add to it, the GA4 migration has brought about significant changes that can make it difficult to trust AI tools.

Don’t worry; the solution lies in effectively leveraging these tools. Now implementing AI content generator tools can significantly enhance your content team’s productivity and enable you to meet the increasing demands for content production.

As per the State of AI in the Enterprise Report, 94% of business leaders see AI playing a crucial role for their business success.

However, the real challenge is finding the ideal tool that aligns with your requirements.

Hence, in this blog, we have curated a list of the best AI content creation tools that will meet all your criteria. But before that, let us first thoroughly understand what these tools are and how they can benefit your business.

But First, What are AI Content Generator Tools?

AI content generator tools leverage artificial intelligence technology to generate written or visual content by using text prompts. They produce various types of content, such as articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and even videos, all without requiring human involvement.

These AI content creation tools are specifically trained using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. So they can analyze data and generate content that is both pertinent and captivating.

The ultimate objective of most of these tools is to reduce the time, effort, and resources invested in content creation.

Once you find the perfect AI content creation tools for your business, incorporate them into your workflow to yield immediate and impressive returns on investment.

How? Let’s see. 

What are the Benefits of AI Content Generator Tools?

Benefit of AI Content Generator tools

The best AI tools assist you in aligning your marketing strategy by transforming your content, such as blog posts, into high-ranking results in search engines.

Here are some of the benefits of using AI content generator tools: 

  • Time-saving
AI content generator tools - Saves Time

AI content creation tools decrease the research and content creation process. They leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data. Thus, it can extract valuable insights and generate creative ideas at a remarkable speed. 

It might take hours or even days for you to accomplish a task in terms of research and idea generation. But these tools can accomplish it within a fraction of that time. This time-saving aspect is particularly advantageous for businesses that need to produce content efficiently and meet tight deadlines. 

As the tools automate the research and ideation phase, you can focus on other aspects. It could be the actual content creation and refinement or streamlining of the overall content production process.

  • Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

AI content generator tools provide a cost-effective solution for creating content by reducing the reliance on additional resources. With these tools, you can generate content with fewer expenses, leading to significant cost savings.

The automation capabilities of AI tools eliminate the need to hire extra content creators or outsource content production to external agencies. This means that you can allocate the existing resources more efficiently.

Moreover, you can also get rid of the associated costs of recruiting and training new team members or paying external contractors. As a result, content creation becomes a more affordable process, so you can maximize your budget and allocate resources to other important areas.

AI content creation tools can streamline content production workflows and achieve cost savings without compromising on the quality or quantity of the output.

  • Diverse Content Formats

Unlike paraphrasing tools, AI tools can help in the creation of diverse content types. They go beyond basic text editing and offer a wide range of capabilities to assist in various content creation tasks. 

These tools are made to understand different writing styles and tones, generating content aligned with specific objectives. By analyzing data and context, they produce well-structured, coherent content that resonates with audiences. 

AI platforms even enable the creation of visual content, like custom images and illustrations, based on descriptive text or parameters. With AI’s flexibility and adaptability, content can explore different formats and styles effortlessly.

  • Consistency Assurance
Consistency Assurance

AI content creation tools are capable of delivering consistent and high-quality output. However, your input must be accurate and precise.

Consistency in tone and style is crucial for maintaining a coherent brand image and ensuring that your content resonates with your target audience.

By using AI content creation tools, you can establish a uniform voice and message across their content. This will enhance your brand recognition and build trust with your customers.

  • Scalable Content Creation

The advent of AI technology has provided businesses with the means to scale up their content production. Scaling up content production often required hiring additional staff or outsourcing content creation, which could be time-consuming and costly.

This is where AI content generator tools come in. AI tools offer efficient content generation capabilities. Thus, companies produce a larger volume of content without compromising on quality.

This gives businesses a competitive edge, as they can consistently produce a high volume of quality content, maintaining a strong presence in the market.

  • Personalized Content for the Audience
Personalized Content for the Audience

AI tools can be trained to personalize content based on defined tones and target audiences. By incorporating customer data and preferences, AI tools can generate content that resonates with specific audience segments. 

Additionally, some AI tools offer multilingual capabilities, enabling content creation in multiple languages to cater to diverse audiences.

These are the benefits of AI content creation tools that can enhance your content marketing strategies. Now let’s get into the list of best AI content generator tools for your business.

What are the Best AI Content Generator Tools for Businesses? 

Content creation is an important component of your marketing plan. And it’s not necessary to handle every aspect on your own, even if you have ample time. Whether you personally craft your content or delegate it to others, using AI tools can enhance productivity and yield better outcomes.

Here is a list of the best AI content generator tools that will help you with that:

  1. Jasper

Jasper is an all-in-one AI-powered solution for generating marketing copy. It offers a wide range of over 50 templates designed for various content types, including AI-generated social media profiles and eCommerce product descriptions.

It just takes three simple steps to use the tool: select a template, provide the necessary information, and adjust the output settings. This information may include the title, tone, and description of the content you desire.

Once you click the ‘generate’ or ‘compose’ button, Jasper generates content of varying lengths based on your specified settings. The entire content generation process takes just a matter of seconds.

The tool has a comprehensive set of features and extensive integration options that streamlines non-writing tasks. It can be editing, proofreading, and content optimization, helping you save time and effort.

  1. ContentBot

ContentBot is a versatile AI writing service that caters to your various content needs. It can be blogs, slogans, product descriptions, ads, pitches, landing pages, or sales emails – the tool does it all.

The best part about the tool is that it offers a range of features accessible through a free account. Some of them include content generators for blog introductions, conclusions, sentence completions, tone transformations, blog outlines, and expanding on bullet points.

Keeping up with the latest trends across the internet, ContentBot’s AI writing assistant ensures your content remains relevant and engaging, specifically tailored to your chosen topic. Moreover, ContentBot is capable of generating innovative ideas, providing you with a constant stream of fresh concepts for content creation.

  1. Scalenut

Scalenut is a revolutionary AI content intelligence assistant designed to revolutionize the way you create and publish content. With Scalenut, you can effortlessly brainstorm, edit, and publish exceptional content that is tailored to both users and SEO.

One of the standout features of Scalenut is its AI writer, which allows you to generate SEO-friendly content for free. Powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP), this tool has the ability to comprehend the context of your copy and offer alternative suggestions accordingly. This ensures that your content not only meets the needs of your audience but also performs well in search engine rankings.

Additionally, Scalenut provides valuable insights on trending topics, keywords, and subjects, giving you a better understanding of what your target audience is truly interested in. This knowledge allows you to create content that resonates with your readership, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement.

  1. Rytr

Powered by the advanced GPT3 technology, Rytr software revolutionizes the content writing process. It offers a deep understanding of language models and unparalleled text prediction capabilities.

With Rytr, generating plagiarism-free articles in your preferred style is as easy as a single click. This powerful tool can source words from online databases, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant content creation.

Rytr’s key features include over 30 use cases and templates to choose from, catering to a variety of writing needs such as emails, Facebook ads, copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS, product descriptions, blog article ideas, and more. It also offers over 20 tone options, allowing you to select the perfect tone for your unique content.

Using the tool is simple – just select the desired use case or template, provide some input for context, and let the AI take care of the rest. You can even enter your own sentences to guide Rytr along, ensuring the output aligns perfectly with your vision.

  1. Simplified

Simplified is a versatile and feature-rich AI-powered design tool that takes content creation to the next level. With its powerful content writing capabilities, it allows you to effortlessly generate engaging and compelling AI copy for various purposes.

With over 40 types of copy to choose from, Simplified’s AI copywriting tool covers a wide range of content needs. Whether you require captivating ad copy, persuasive eCommerce content, impactful sales copy, informative company bios, or engaging blog articles, the tool does it all.

One of the standout features of Simplified is its free AI content generator. This tool allows you to write new copy from scratch using the long-form editor, rewrite existing text, or enhance your content. All you have to do is simply provide the key information and let the AI tool work its magic.

  1. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an AI-powered writing suite that focuses on creating long-form content. With this tool, you can easily conduct keyword research and, with a single click, generate an SEO-optimized outline for your blog. The user-friendly editor in GrowthBar allows you to effortlessly write a complete blog post that adheres to all SEO best practices.

What sets GrowthBar apart is its extensive language support, covering over 20 languages. In addition to its content creation capabilities, GrowthBar offers a range of other AI tools, including competitor research, AI chat, a press release generator, and an email newsletter generator.

GrowthBar’s editor assists you in building your outline and guides you through the writing process with various helpful optimizations. It suggests which keywords to use, recommends the ideal post length, and offers readability improvement suggestions. The tool even provides AI-generated suggestions for internal links as you write.

  1. Copysmith 

Copysmith is a top-notch AI tool that excels in generating concise content like advertisements, product descriptions, and taglines. With the ability to produce up to 15 content variations using different tones, it provides ample options for users.

Furthermore, you can automatically rewrite, enhance, or extend sentences, making it an invaluable asset for content audits. You can use this feature to revamp your existing content effortlessly.

Moreover, Copysmith efficiently writes copy in bulk for multiple entries, such as product descriptions. By selecting the appropriate template and uploading a CSV file containing the necessary content information for each item, you can streamline the process.

To enhance its functionality, Copysmith seamlessly integrates with various tools. If you combine it with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, it becomes a valuable resource for swiftly crafting product descriptions for online stores.

  1. Content At Scale

Content at Scale is an AI-powered platform that empowers you to efficiently produce high-quality and SEO-friendly content at a large scale.

Using advanced AI technology, this tool generates well-researched, long-form blog posts that exceed 2,500 words in a mere five minutes. It achieves this by analyzing and aggregating content from top-ranked sources on Google, resulting in a fully optimized post. What sets Content at Scale apart from other AI writing tools is its ability to create completely original, human-like content.

Even if you have no prior experience in SEO, you can easily navigate the platform’s user-friendly interface to create search-optimized content. With just a single click, it generates a blog post ranging from 2,500 to 7,000 words by inputting a keyword or prompt. With users collectively generating an impressive 40 million words per month, Content at Scale is well-equipped to cater to SEO content needs.

  1. LongShot

When it comes to AI-generated content, there is a possibility for the inclusion of inaccurate or questionable facts, often requiring manual verification. LongShot combines the convenience of AI writing with the essential feature of automated fact-checking.

By leveraging LongShot, you can rely on an AI writer that not only generates content but also fact-checks it automatically. This ensures that the information presented is accurate and reliable, thus saving valuable time and effort in the verification process.

With this tool, you can create various content types, ranging from blog posts to sales emails and meta descriptions. Getting started is simple – just click on the desired content type in the sidebar and input the necessary information.

  1. Article Forge

Article Forge is an innovative AI-powered tool that simplifies the content generation process. It does so in just three inputs: keywords, language, and desired length. With its advanced capabilities, it writes the content for you and enhances it by automatically inserting headings, images, videos, and hyperlinks. 

The user-friendly editor menu of Article Forge allows you to expand the generated content beyond the initial output. Thus, you can extend it to over 20,000 words and add additional sections. By optimizing the content based on the provided keywords, you can ensure better search engine visibility and relevance.

The tool offers API integration, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your own applications.

  1. Writersonic

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant that allows you to effortlessly create top-notch content. Within seconds, you can get blog posts, emails, product descriptions, ads, and landing pages. All you need to do is give a few lines of prompts, and it will generate unique, high-quality content.

Recognized as one of the leading AI article generator tools available, it harnesses creativity to produce engaging and compelling headlines. Moreover, it generates the main body of the content and creates an editable outline. You can fine-tune according to your preference.

To further enhance the generated text, Writesonic offers useful features like the content rephrasing module and sentence expander. Thus, you can edit and refine the content to meet your specific requirements effortlessly.

  1. Any Word

Anyword empowers you to have complete control over your content and ensures that it captivates and engages the intended audience. You can generate messaging for any campaign using AI-powered copywriting options or even create on-demand articles effortlessly. 

Anyword’s AI determines the language that appeals most to different audiences based on statistical analysis. One of its standout features is the predictive performance score. 

The score provides insights into the effectiveness of different versions of the copy in terms of conversion rates. This makes the tool an ideal solution if you want to create personalized messages that resonate with potential customers. 

The Blog option offered by Anyword allows users to go from a blank page to a fully-formed and compelling blog post within minutes. To get started, users simply describe the desired blog post, specify the industry or topic, and optionally provide a list of keywords. 

There you have it – the list of best AI content generator tools. You can pick any as per your requirements and convenience. But the real question is, “How to use them?” Let’s find out.

How to Use an AI Content Generator?

How to Use AI Content Generator Tools

The process of using AI writing tools to create content typically involves five main steps:

Step 1:  Choose a template

Select the specific type of content that you want the AI tool to generate.

Step 2: Input your details

Provide the content description, desired tone, output variations, and keywords.

Step 3: Generate the content

Confirm the settings and initiate the writing process.

Step 4: Proofread and edit

Review the generated content for any errors, including spelling, grammar, or factual inaccuracies carefully.

Step 5: Publish

Download or copy-paste the finalized content into your website or desired platform. Many AI writer tools seamlessly integrate with web browsers and blogging platforms, allowing quick and efficient content publication.

Note: Google might flag websites containing low-quality content, regardless of whether it is AI-generated or not.

Best Practices to Follow While Using AI Content Generator Tools

Practices to Follow While Using AI Content Generator Tools

To mitigate the risk of being flagged as AI content, you may implement the following best practices when using artificial intelligence tools:

  • Avoid excessive dependence on AI: AI tools should not completely replace human writers. Instead, leverage AI-generated content as a supplement to assist with content creation and marketing efforts.
  • Generate multiple outputs: AI content generators often produce various output variations. Select the most suitable option or combine them to create high-quality content that aligns with your objectives.
  • Always double-check: Machine-generated content can sometimes lack coherence or suffer from poor readability, particularly in longer articles. Prior to publishing, make sure to thoroughly edit and proofread the content.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively leverage AI content generators while maintaining content quality and adhering to best practices.

AI Content Won’t Help You If…

AI Content Won’t Help You If

AI content generator tools have taken the content creation by storm but they also have a ceiling. If you are seeking well-researched and data-driven content, have fresh and out-of-the-box ideas, and thought leadership, you need something more.

A growth marketing agency is the best one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. While AI content generator tools are efficient in producing content, they lack the human touch and creativity required for certain marketing objectives. A growth marketing agency provides a comprehensive approach that goes beyond content creation.

Concluding Words

AI content creation tools have revolutionized the way we approach content generation. With their ability to automate and produce large amounts of content, these tools have proven to be incredibly efficient and time-saving. The tools mentioned above can be of great help in your content creation efforts.

Having said that, if you truly wish to elevate your content strategy and achieve exceptional results, you can rely on LeanSummits (LSS). With us, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are comprehensive, effective, and aligned with your business goals.