Gain Digital Traction for your Logistics Company with Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing for Logistics Company

If you are a marketer, you would know one of the nuances of this industry- you can never claim to be a know-it-all! And if someone is bawling their prowess, they are probably not telling the truth. It is because technology and people are constantly evolving, which transforms the marketing strategies and landscape. 

If you own a logistics company, you need growth marketing. You might think that since logistics is mostly a B2B industry, there is not much need for a massive audience or digital growth. Unfortunately, it could not be farther from reality. If you want increased conversion rates, hyper-targeted audience, thought leadership, measurable results, and customer engagement, logistics companies need digital marketing.

Most logistics businesses usually overlook the growth marketing strategies to bring about their business growth. This could lead to severe consequences, and they can regret it later. Every day, business competition is exponentially increasing, and they are trying to get as many customers as possible in various ways. 

Let us discuss the significance of growth marketing for logistics companies and then some tactics for the business for acing the growth marketing strategy. 

Why is Growth Marketing for Logistics Companies Important?

Marketing and logistics go hand-in-hand. Just like most other businesses, logistics service providers must find different ways to attract suitable clients. A clear marketing strategy is one of the best ways to achieve that. Why is that important, you ask? Let’s get started: 

  • Targets the Hyper-targeted Audience
Targets the Hyper-targeted Audience


Does a logistic company need to communicate with everyone? No, they just have to target 

their potential customers. As a logistics company, you have a very targeted customer base, and the final objective should not be the number of visitors, views, or click-through rate, for that matter. Instead, your primary motive should be attracting a smaller audience that would benefit from your services and the information you can offer them.

  • Offers a Chance for Thought Leadership
Offers a Chance for Thought Leadership


If you want to gain customers, growth, and trust in the logistics industry, being the thought leader is quite important. With a growth marketing agency, your businesses can show the essential information that you have to the prospects who require your company’s insights.

In a study conducted by B2B Thought Leadership Study, 88% of the respondents believed that thought leadership has proven to be quite efficient in enhancing their perceptions of an organisation. 

  • Delivers Measurable Results
Delivers Measurable Results


It is an established fact that growth marketing is quite easy to keep a close eye on. With proper growth marketing strategies, you can collect a significant amount of data and determine which is the most effective ROI. Thus, you do not have to constantly stress about the amount of money you are spending on advertising or marketing that does not yield successful results, as you can see what works fine for your business and what does not. 

  • Increase Conversion Rates
Increase Conversion Rates


An important part of your growth marketing plans must be improving conversion rates for logistics companies. When implemented suitably, it will increase your revenue per visitor and will help in growing your company. However, it might be convenient for your business to increase your conversion rate instead of increasing the number of visitors to your website. 

A good example is a logistic company with 1000 visitors with a current conversion rate of 20% and a goal of 200. In this case, you have two options: maintaining your conversion rate and doubling your visitors or improving your existing traffic conversion rate to 40%. Oftentimes, it is a mixture of the two that is considered ideal, but when you increase your conversion rate will give you results in dividends. 

  • Improves Customer Interaction
Improves Customer Interaction


When we talk about logistics companies, customer engagement is of utmost importance. It perfectly complements thought leadership and increases your conversion rates perfectly. Now is the time when customer engagement is so much accessible. When you engage with your audience, trust is built. It will convert your current customers into ambassadors, helping you retain them and decrease customer acquisition expenses. 

When it comes to growth marketing, logistics companies usually hop into this method of marketing quite late as they heavily rely on relationship-based selling to grow their company. However, for companies like Amazon, logistics marketing tactics have shifted, resetting consumer expectations to near-instant satisfaction. Plus, the target audience is evolving, so engaging with audiences on all the platforms they are already using is important to remain relevant. So let us now talk about the different ways of growth marketing for logistics companies

What are the Ways of Growth Marketing for Logistics Companies?

Growth Marketing Ways for Logistics Company


In logistics companies, growth marketing is quite important, especially for the ones that are trying to make a mark for themselves. With the benefits of a hyper-targeted audience, measurable results, thought leadership, increased conversion rates, and customer engagement, growth marketing strategies is something that your company should implement right now. These are some of the ways you can achieve success:

Optimize Your Website for Customers

Did you know that Google handles over 1.2 trillion searches each year, and the number is only increasing? Website optimization will boost traction of your existing content. If you want to attract customer interest and get conversions, your users must find your website easy to find and use. If they fail to find or reach you, how much effort and time you spend in creating good content does not matter much. 

Here is how you can optimize your website for your customers:

Find your Target Keywords

Opt for keywords that best align with your target market and leverage them to your advantage to get search engine results. While researching keywords, it is important to remember user intent. 

An improved, AI-driven research helps big brands like Google generalize user intent depending on their search display and inquiry. Thus, it is important for website owners and operators to think like users instead of marketers while making and optimizing content.

So what is the best way to account for the intention of the user? First, put the keyword into a search engine and make an analysis after seeing the results. After this, ensure that your content you post is in lines with the aim of the top search results, which Google has considered relevant. 

You can check out your top competitors if your website does not come up on a search engine’s initial page. It will help you optimize your existing content. 

Build Better Backlinks

If you want to organically increase your website standing in search results, backlinks can help a lot. You must come up with relevant and market-driven content on industry knowledge, news, or relevant sites. 

If you find any missing attributions, it is always a good idea to search for your brand name regularly. Then, you can tell the site managers to add a backlink when you find them.

Optimize your On-Page Content

Relevance is something that good content should be based on. Any written content, podcast, video, or digital content you cole should primarily be based on the preference of your target audience. However, optimizing your website content for search engines is also important. One of the best ways to increase traffic and rankings for your website is on-page optimization. 

There are different ways of optimizing your on-page content for search. It also includes:

  • Incorporating keyword-based page titles
  • Adding relevant keywords
  • Integrating relevant pictures 
  • Creating meta-tags that highlight key concepts
  • Take care of the keyword density
  • Adding internal and external links

Speed up your website

On any device, the speed of your website is one of the important components of the user experience. Therefore, in 2018, Google started adding mobile page speed as a parameter in ranking of its search engine, thereby making improved performance a parameter to gain favorable results. 

If you want to boost the speed of your website, there are various ways. They are: 

  • Using a CDN
  • Reducing redirects
  • Limiting HTTP requests

Your website can also:

  • Create higher ROI for your ad spend
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Build trust with your target audience.

For any business, customers are a priority and the same applies to the logistics industry as well. A study suggests that before purchasing a service or product, 90% of the customers check online reviews and do a broad research to know if a particular brand is authentic. Therefore, it is important for you to focus on offering better user experience to see which web page version attracts more customers. 

Focus on Improving SEO

If you want people to find your business, search engine optimization (SEO), and a Google search, must be at the top of your priority list. It is obvious that no one will find your business if you cannot generate leads for it. To improve your search engine optimization, you can do the following:

  • Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content

One of the topmost drivers of your search engine rankings is top-notch and authoritative content; for good content, there is no replacement. When we talk about SEO, it is especially true. Quality content increases site traffic, resulting in improvement in your site’s authority and relevance. 

  • Keywords

Identify and target a specific phrase of keyword for every authoritative content page on the site. 

  • Multiple Keyword Phrases

If there are multiple keyword phrases, it is challenging for a webpage to achieve search engine rankings for multiple keyword phrases—until and unless the phrases are similar. You must make a different webpage for every targeted keyword phrase if you want to rank for multiple keyword phrases with your website. 

  • Placing Keywords

Once you choose the keyword phrase for a given page, address these:

  • If you can use part or all of the keyword phrases in the page URL (by using keywords in folders)
  • If you can use part or all of the keyword phrases in the page title
  • If you can use part or all of the keyword phrases in page headings and subheadings

If you want to improve your search engine ranking, you must answer ‘yes’ to these questions. However, be natural and user-friendly. 

  • Content

After page URL, headings, and title, content happens to be one of the most powerful tools for search engine rankings. First, you have to be authoritative. You have to repeat your keyword phrase multiple times throughout the website page—once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs and two to four more times in the rest of the content. Then, link the content to relevant sources strategically and additional information within your organization’s broad website or other useful websites. 

Always remember to use italics, bold, heading tags, and emphasize tags to highlight keyword phrases. However, avoid overdoing it. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the key to the success of any company’s growth marketing strategy. However, every kind and size brand does not use this tool to its full potential. While the ‘likes,’ ‘follow’, and ‘shares’ are quite important, a brand’s credibility is known by far more than just this.

  • Create a Personalized Experience for your Customers

If you implement chatbots properly, it will create a more personalized experience for your customers. However, avoid advertisements linking just to the landing pages to do this. Instead create ads that will redirect the audience to a Messenger window with your chatbot. When you link ads to your chatbot will:

  • Stop the traditional POV audiences have of you only trying to sell to them
  • Personalize your customer’s experience 
  • Improve your sales
  • Make a fan base that is loyal
  • Create a community for your audience

Though having a good number of followers and different metrics are crucial, you cannot consider them as the key to your social media success. You have to show your audience that your company is not a robot; add a personality through humor and emotions into all your posts so that the audience finds it relatable to you. As you know, social media is everything social, and when customers witness similar kinds of posts consistently, it will divert their interest to somewhere else. You can make interactive communications by:

  • Asking questions to your audience
  • Gathering opinions on certain matters
  • Posting newsworthy details instead of just information about your products or services
  • Liking and sharing some of their posts 
  • Try to engage them with your posts via ‘likes’ and ‘shares’
  • Create profiles on the Relevant Channels

Usually, people make profiles on each social media channel available to reach as many as possible. However, you cannot reach your target audience with that mindset. So you must focus on buyer personas while choosing your social media channels. For example, you won’t need to have a LinkedIn profile if you want to launch a cosmetic brand. Similarly you won’t need a Pinterest profile to promote your engineering services. 

Use Emailers to Stay Connected with Your Audience

Typically, your email list is made of people who express interest in your business. A real challenge can be keeping them engaged. Until you interact with your audience, you will land up in their spam folder. Unless you connect with your audience, your emails will either end up in the spam folder or result in a wave of un-subscribers.

So, how will you connect with your audience via email? These are some of the ways:

  • Pay Attention to the Subject Line

One of the most crucial things to pay attention to is the subject line of your emails. Every day people receive a lot of emails, and going through them is a time-taking affair, so it is quite common to overlook the subject line before deciding whether to open it. 

What you write in the subject line of an email will determine whether it gets sent or read directly to spam. Thus, it is best to keep it concise and short. In addition, you must let the reader know what to expect in the email and why they must read it. 

  • Understand Your Target Audience

If you fail to understand your target audience, you will not yield any visible or significant results. Who are you emailing? What are their requirements and most pressing concerns?

All you need to do is make a client profile and see what makes them tick. The more you understand what type of audience your brand attracts and what they want, the more convenient it will be to find it to deliver emails that convert.

  • Personalize the Emails

Sending generic emails is so last season. If you want successful email marketing, the key is to personalize each one. At the very least, you must use the customer’s name at the start of the email. However, try making it more personalized as it will be more effective. Moreover, it also shows your audience that you care.

  • Consider Opening with a Story

Stories are the key to greatly increasing engagement in your emails. For any business, storytelling has become a crucial marketing component of marketing. They take audiences on a journey through their imagination.

Always remember to put a short story that is relevant to the topic. The attention span of people is quick so putting a short story is important; otherwise, the reader can lose interest quickly.

  • Make Sure You Segment Your List

If you find it difficult to personalize your emails, it is best to segment your list. When you split your customers into categories, it will help you market your services to each one of them.

For example, one segmented list could cater to new subscribers. Another segment could cater to existing customers. You can even segment your list depending on the kind of services your customers are interested in.

Segmenting your list will give you a better chance to efficiently target your marketing plans. One of the best ways of boosting engagement is getting relevant emails to your audience. 

  • Don’t Forget a Call-to-Action

Emails need a call-to-action too and people usually forget that. In the call-to-action, it is important to provide your audience with everything that they need to decide their upcoming steps. 

Always make sure that you only focus on one call-to-action at one time. While sending email, consider its primary goal. Will it encourage the customer to purchase something or are you trying to find out more about a particular service you provide?

Identify the priority of the email, then ensure you use a suitable call-to-action at the end. It is not always easy to connect with your audience but if you follow the steps we have mentioned above, you will notice significant improvements in your click through and conversion rate. Also, don’t forget to be regular. Send emails consistently, but don’t bombard!

These were some of the in your click through and conversion rate. Also, don’t forget to be consistent. Send emails regularly, but don’t bombard your audience. 

These were some of the best growth marketing strategies you must incorporate while marketing your logistics company. 

Concluding Words

You now understand why growth marketing is critical for any logistics business. When you earn your customer’s trust, you will likely experience conversion rates and improved customer retention. Growth marketing serves as a channel for bridging trust.

When you Google terms such as “how to get clients in the logistics business,” you will find different potential solutions like outsourcing to a logistics growth marketing agency. They come with wide budgets and capabilities, but what they have in common is the aim to help logistics brands acquire new projects by meeting their audience where they are at.

Lean Summit Solutions addresses all your pressing business challenges and offers you the most promising solution. We are a growth marketing company that has pioneered in devising a business strategy. Whether you are launching a new business or you are expanding the horizon and limits of your current one. We believe in nurturing your potential through the journey toward success by providing you with the right tools and guidance. Try us today.