How to Upgrade Your Website During the Holiday Season

Upgrade Your Website for the Holiday Season

When you hear someone talking about the festive upgrade of your website during the holiday season, what comes to your mind? – A fresh, upgraded, and visually appealing website, correct? Or a website that outdoes your old experiences and gives you a new, dazzling experience. And if you think all this is child’s play, then let me tell you, it isn’t. 

The process involves technicalities, redesigning, and strategic thinking. From deciding what to do about the website banners and where to put CTAs to finalizing the email marketing campaigns, it’s not just a revamp of your website but your entire brand during the holiday season. 

So, if you also wish to have your website revamped according to the upcoming holiday season and not miss out on this opportunity, stay with us till the end. The blog talks about the step-by-step process of upgrading your website for the holiday season. 

Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Website for the Holiday Season?

Upgrade Your Website for the Holiday Season

Do you recall seeing new elements on various websites during the holiday season? Be it the discount coupons, customized emails or vibrant colors matching the upcoming festive season. All this is done to give you that dazzling experience and boost the overall brand presence. 

That’s what this is about. The number one agenda of your website is to connect with your audience. Frequently reestablishing relationships with your customers on such occasions is important. 

It has many benefits, some of which are as follows. 

  1. Brand Recall Value: It creates brand recall value in the minds of the customers 
  2. Repeating Customers: Customers look forward to returning to your website during the next holiday season
  3. Emotional Connect: Customers connect with your brand on an emotional level 
  4. Exclusive Holiday Purchase: If you’re an ecommerce store, you might benefit from an exclusive holiday purchase during this time 

But what to do to ensure everything works well during this time? Revamping a website for the time being during the holiday season is easier said than done. It includes taking care of various technical, creative, and strategic points. 

Let’s learn about each one of them in detail. 

How to Upgrade Your Website During Holiday Season?  

Website Makeover

  1. Upgrade Your Website Theme

This one is obvious. Upgrade your website to a theme relevant to the upcoming festive season. Use vibrant and festive colors to resonate with the theme of the holiday. Whether it’s the warm hues of autumn for Thanksgiving or a combination of red and green for Christmas, the goal is to create a visually appealing and beautiful look.

In this step, you can also change the primary banner of the website to relate that with the upcoming festive season. Many websites also change the background colors, buttons, and other design elements to give it a festive upgrade. 

  1. Add Relevant Banners to Announce the Festival 

Do you recall special festive banners on an e-commerce website on Christmas? They usually mention quirky lines like, “This Christmas Season, Jingle Your Way to Discounts.” This is what grabs the attention of the audience. 

Such Tactics bring more traffic to your website and build anticipation amongst your audience. 

However, ensure you don’t destroy your brand identity by making discounts or promotional posters. 

  1. Successful Festival Website Revamps

The best example of such revamps is Google. There’s a different theme or a doodle on Google’s homepage, not just on festivals but during any important day worldwide. That’s Google’s way of connecting with their audience. 
Another great example of this is

Amazon Banner

This is an example of how has merged its deals and agenda with the upcoming christmas season to give that dazzling experience to their customers. 

Introduce Schemes and Special Deals 

Introduce Schemes and Special Deals
  1. Identify Key Products & Offer Special Discounts 

What can you offer your customers during this time to help them effectively sail the festive season? That becomes your key product to focus on and form a strategy around. For example, For an Apparel company, white, green, and red clothes may become the focus area during the upcoming Christmas season. 

The next step is to form a strategy and offer special discounts. Remember, you’re playing on the quantity here. The more exciting the offer, the more sales. And the more sales, the more benefits. 

  1. Create a Festive Flash Sale

This is an amazing opportunity to engage your audience and gain new customers. One of the ways here is to run the countdown campaigns on your website and other social platforms. 

Create a sense of urgency and communicate the deadline for the holiday offers. Specifically, mention that these special offers are only for the holiday season. 

  1. Customized Offers for Special Customers 

Don’t forget the loyal and long-lasting ones during this time. Make them feel extra special during this festival season. Segment audience as per their interest levels, purchase history and loyalty status. 

Communicate to them individually through email, message, WhatsApp or phone call. Let them know you’ve curated something special and a little extra exclusively for them.

SEO & SEM Efforts in Websites

SEO & SEM Efforts in Websites
  1. Technically Strong Page without any Glitch

Review and improve your site’s architecture. A well-organized structure helps search engines in crawling and indexing your content efficiently. Prioritize user experience by simplifying navigation and improving the overall site hierarchy. 

  1. Proactive Backlink Building for SEO Success

Backlinks are the backbone of an SEO strategy. If you truly want to see success happening here, initiate the process at least a month in advance. This allows search engines to index and recognize these links. 

Ensure to include a diversified backlink profile, including high-quality and relevant links from authoritative sources.

It would help if you also focus on content-centric link-building. Develop engaging and shareable content that naturally attracts backlinks. Utilize blog posts, infographics, and other content formats to position your website as a valuable resource within your industry. 

  1. Effective Search Engine Marketing Through Search Engine Ads

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-performing keywords relevant to your business. Develop targeted ad campaigns around these keywords. This ensures that your ads appear in search engine results when users search for related products or services. 

Performance Optimization and UX: Elevating Your Website for Seamless Interaction

  1. Speed and Navigation

Speed: Users today expect instant access to information. This becomes even more crucial when everyone is in a rush during the holiday season. Optimize your website’s speed by compressing images, leveraging browser caching, and minimizing unnecessary elements. 

Faster loading times enhance user experience and contribute positively to search engine rankings.

Navigation: Navigation of your website must be clutter-free. Simplify menu options, use clear labels, and ensure users can find what they want without unnecessary clicks. 

  1. Keep Clear CTAs and Highlight Them

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are the guiding stars for users navigating your website. And if they follow these CTAs correctly, they can become a shining star for you as a brand. 

Make sure your CTAs are not only clear and compelling but also strategically placed throughout the website. Whether it’s encouraging a purchase, subscription, or engagement, a well-crafted CTA leads customers to a desired action. 

  1. Mobile Responsiveness 

Two out of three users on your website must access it through mobile. And because of this mobile responsiveness is not an option anymore but necessary for any website.

  1. Better Security

Security should be tight when dealing with user data and online transactions. Implement SSL certificates to encrypt data during transactions so users have a secure environment. 

  1. Audit and Check the Website  

Content Cleanup: Remove the irrelevant content from your website. A clean and focused website improves user experience and increases search engine visibility.

Address Broken Links: The last thing you want is to impact your user’s trust with broken links. Use tools to identify and fix broken links promptly. This not only improves navigation but also makes sure that users are not met with frustrating dead-ends. 

Optimize Slow-Loading Elements: Identify elements contributing to slow loading times, such as large images or complex scripts. Optimize these elements to ensure your website remains responsive and delivers a smooth user experience.

Other Ways to Upgrade Your Brand

Utilize Social Media 

  1. Create Engaging Instagram Posts

Instagram is a great platform for building a visually appealing online presence. Craft posts on Instagram that evoke emotions, connect with the holiday spirit and showcase your brand’s personality. 

Visual content is the king. Users prefer it more than ever. Take the help of experts in this field to manage and create an effective Instagram strategy and develop effective Instagram post ideas. 

  1. Cross Promotion on Different Platforms 

Not just Instagram, but other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also play an important role in promotions during the festive season. 

Make relevant snippets for all these social media mediums and maintain a consistent brand message. 

  1. Use Hashtags and Latest Trends
Use Hashtags and Latest Trends
  • Hashtags: Find out the popular hashtags related to the festive season and use them. Adding these hashtags helps potential customers discover your brand and increases engagement. To make it exciting, you can also create a specialized brand hashtag for a festive season. 
  • Trends: Find the broader trends within your industry or popular culture and infuse them into your content. 

Special Email Campaigns for the Holiday Season

  1. Craft Festive Emails for Each Customer Segment 

First, you should understand each customer segment’s various needs and preferences. Prepare an Email Marketing Budget accordingly for each segment. And then Craft email campaigns that resonate with the individual relationship they have with your brand.

Don’t forget to thank your current customers for their loyalty. Do that with exclusive offers, early access to sales, or sneak peeks of new holiday products.

This is also a good time to reconnect with past customers. Reestablish the relationship by offering enticing incentives, showcasing product updates, and highlighting improvements since their last interaction.

And then finally, aim for new customers. Welcome them with introductory offers and engaging content that introduces your brand story and a sense of community.

  1. Examples of Successful Holiday Email Campaigns 

Airbnb does an amazing job of executing successful holiday email campaigns. Airbnb’s personalized email campaigns suggest holiday getaways based on user preferences and search history. 

Examples of Successful Holiday Email Campaigns

This approach not only promotes engagement but also encourages users to make bookings.

Another example of a successful holiday email campaign is Target. Target’s series of holiday emails feature gift ideas for different personas. 

Target Holiday Season Emailer

This approach addresses the diverse needs of their audience and provides helpful suggestions, promoting engagement and sales.

  1. Newsletter

Include the festive themes in your newsletter. Create a specific holiday-inspired layout. Newsletters are also a great way to grab your audience’s attention towards the festive season’s exclusive discounts, offers, and collections. 

You can also craft beautiful stories in your newsletter that melt your audience’s heart and connect them with your brand. Make your newsletter a delightful read that captures their heart. 

  1. Holiday Blog Post 

Holiday blog posts are a great way to capture attention and go beyond the promotions. Through this, you can tell engaging stories about your brand and the festive season. Blog posts can also be about the special holiday celebration happening within your team. 

By optimizing your holiday-themed keyword in your blog, it becomes easier for users to discover it on search engines. 

One amazing thing about blog posts is that you can include the share button of your social media platforms and website at the end. This leads to more traffic on all these platforms. 


As we end this blog about getting your website ready for the festive season, it’s clear that this time of year isn’t just for parties. It’s a big chance for your business to connect with your customers. 

We’ve discussed optimizing your website, offering special deals, and utilizing social media.

However, don’t forget to add that special element to your website that is unique to your brand. That will help you stand out in the crowd from your competitors. Lean into Leansummits to create such unique elements for your brand. 

So, whether revamping your website for the holiday season or utilizing social media for optimal use, you can create a huge difference this festive season in your business.